Saturday, 3 January 2009


Hi all

Sorry haven't written or posted recently ... Unfortunately my dearest darling child who got ill last week passed it to me and I've been sick for the last four or five days and now my poor husband has got it..

So both myself and my husband are now bed bound for a little while while we get over this.

But I Thought I'd check in and write quick hi to all

and thank all the visitors to my blog.

In doing so I have been given another award from Angel of Angelflight scraps.
Thank you so much Angel..
I am so moved and thankful to all the lovely ladies and gents who have blogs and share their creations...
Have helped me with my blog and also to inspire me to create to share with others.
From Stacey of who helped me to get started with all of this to get a blog up and running and asked me to write tutorials for her...
to Enigma of who runs a teaching group that I started with and learnt a lot of my basics so that I can share my creations.
To Marxie of who created blinkies for me and Mark of
To Catherine of who made me a beautiful banner and also presented me with an award
To some wonderful ladies in some great groups I am with Cathie and Laine and all the fantastic members of psptimesthree
Enigma and wonderful members of 2e's
and Stacey, Marxie, Mark and Tootsie and members of University
There a many others
And Barb who is a great support.
Thank you to you all...
Thank you to all who have supported and made my blogsite what it is today.
And I hope you will continue to visit and support not only my blog but others who put in hard work of creating blog and creations for you to use.
On One other note I will be redoing a lot of my creations when I am well enough into png format for those that don't use psp.
I am sorry for any that I have missed in the past in not doing this as I don't use png very often if at all.
So thank you to the guest who left the message requesting that I do this and I hope you visit again soon and will be able to use my creations.
Again thank you one and all
Have good day
and Hope to see you all again when I am well
Hugs Michelle

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