Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Freebie -Kit

Hi all

Well I hope your all having a great week... Ours has been a bit up and down. First our car decided to spit it with the break lights so had to get them repaired. Well at least the switch because that was what was causing all the problems.
We ended up having to hire a car because they didn't have the parts which was annoying and the person that was supposed to have booked it all in didn't.
I will never use enterprise car rentals again.
I was told would get the car for just over £27 for the 24 hours so you get told one thing then when they have you in the office after filling everything in, with no warning they then tell you they want £150 Deposit.
Most car rentals I've used will take your credit or debit card details and then hold on til the car is brought back to take all monies owing not not this company they want all monies up front however they don't tell you up front they want a deposit of £150.
I find that disgusting not that they want a deposit but that they don't tell you from the start that you have to pay it and they will refund it when they get the car back... of course we didn't have that kind of money so had to use funds we needed for the Visa application which is another whole set of problems

Then when I went to put in my Visa application for permanent residency they had majorly up the blinking prices.
We had saved money for the application for a number of months so that we weren't stressed about the money and we'd managed to save a little more than the application needed just incase there was unexpected expences but we weren't expecting what they decided to put it up to and worst is I had checked the site only four days before there wasn't even any blinking warning that they were putting the prices up... let's stop there because I'm not a happy person.
Needless to say though I'm very stressed about the application. I just don't want anything to go wrong...One it's my family the most important thing to me and two it's a hell of a lot of money paid out not to be returned if they decide to reject the application. That's where I'm going to leave it on that because...well just because
But on the good side Paul is better finally. Everything has stabbalised temporarily for him and I hope it stays for just a little while...
And we are going to our special memorial night tonight the most important night for Jehovah Witnesses... I can't wait... Have missed a lot of meetings due to illness within the family so it'll be nice to get to a meeting and just relax I hope.

Well I have created a new kit just called Yellow-Gold

here is a preview for you

If you'd like to download the kit can get it here
well that's about it for now....
thanks for visiting
sometimes I need to It's so stressful at times and well sometimes it has to come out somewhere
anyway... again thanks for visiting...if you'd like to show me anything you create with my kits I'd love to see it
and if you'd like to leave some love and thanks I appreciate that too
hugs Michelle


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Kit(s) post on Apr. 09, 2009. Thanks again.

boop1935-kentucky said...

love all the different shades of yellow thanks for sharing