Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Last Post

Hi all
Sorry this will probably be my last post for a little while.
Creatively I have gone toward Cross stitching and eventually I will be creating my own charts.
Also My son wants to move back to Australia permenantly so need to sort that.
I have severe depression and am just not functioning well.
and I hopefully will be moving house soon.
I will be back with updates occasionally but will not be scrapping for a while nor creating
thanks of rvisiting and following on the blog
Hugs Michelle

Friday, 4 September 2009

Sorry About not Posting

Well been a bit bad at posting lately...
Things haven't been going so well.. I don't seem to have much creative desire.
I'm not interested in a lot of things
My depression is a bit out of control unfortunately
Damien my son wants to stay permanently in Australia and that is difficult...
I don't know if I will be creating much at the moment.
I've just been doing some cross stitch to pass the time
so here are couple of pics of my cross stitch and hopefully have something
new for you all soon
Currently working on a second cross stitch of some elephants hopefully be finished in about two to three weeks...
Does seem to be where my creative desires are going at this point...

Hugs Michelle

Well guess that's about it for now... Catch you when I get back

Hugs Michelle