Saturday, 31 January 2009

New Tubes and Tags and Frames Freebie

New Tubing


Hi all

I hope your all having a great weeks...It's been a bit of an up and down week here.

We've had a nice couple of quiet tdays with our 2nd anniversary...

but unfortunately inbetween there has been some downs and depression really sux


However I've been able to creat again in the last couple of days.

I've tried a couple of tutorials which was fun and I'll show the results of those tutorials.

I've practiced some tubing

which I will also show results of and I'm hoping to do some of my own creating and new

shares for you soon...


So like to say thanks for visiting and here are some of my results of late

the first two are from some lessons I am taking


In the first tag I have used one of my own photographs..


This tag is from a tutorial I did today

again I am using one of my own Photographs

Here are some tubes I created with my own photographs

again thanks for looking

Well that's about if for the day..I am offering some

of my tubes now for people to use... I will have TOU written up

and for those that want to use them all you need do is contact me 

either through my shoutbox, or through my email agree to abide by terms of use

and I'll send them to you

thanks again for visiting

Hugs Michelle

 Hi Guys Back again 

with a couple of new frames for you... 

Rules with this new frame.. Sorry know we all hate them... however 

my TOU Regarding the following frame is as follows... 

The Photograph belongs to me...I took it....don't steal or change it or alter it in anyway

 The beginning of a little poem within the frame belongs to me... I wrote it...awhile ago and published it

 don't steal or change it or alter it to try and make it your own.. I have copyright on it...

Please if you use this frame you must at all times include my copyright information...

you must link back to my blog... simple rules please respect them

you may not share the actual frame through groups... 

You may however share a preview only and link to my blog

so that people can download it here

Simple really... please respect my wishes

Another frame created tonight

My usual TOU applies to this frame... don't share through groups

unless it's a preview... 

Well that's about it for now

Hope you like the frames and enjoy them...just respect my wishes 

You can get both frames here

hugs Michelle

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

An Award

Hi All

Hope your all doing well out there

I've just finished celebrating my 2nd Wedding Anniversary
It was a lovely day..and although we didn't do much we got to

spend some much needed time alone... after spending the time

in the afternoon as a family and having lunch at a new

resturant...My son went to Paul's parents

for the night and we got to have a lovely dinner together and just

chill for the night..


Well I have received another award tonight.. thank you Joni

for the award Joni much apprecitated..



The rules are:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs ( if you haven't got 5 on your list, it really doesn't matter)which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I have five that I can share with

so here are my nominees for this award


1. Stacey

2. Enigma

5. Toni


Well that's it for tonight

catch all soon

hugs Michelle


One more award today...

 this time for


Well that's it for today 

thanks and Hugs 



Sunday, 25 January 2009


Hi All

Basically just showing some tags I made yesterday for some lessons

Hopefully have new template or mask to share later today.

On a great note I will have been married two years tomorrow

not sure what we're doing for our anniversary but should be really nice


thanks for looking

Hugs Michelle

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Taken in

Hi All

I feel bad about this but it seems that I may have created a tag that unfortunately may have stolen cute posers in them. Therefore I am removing the tag I created with that kit.

I had downloaded a kit in good faith from a site called which is now shut down by the owner a few weeks ago..
but only today am I finding out this information that her creations may have or appear to be stolen unfortunately.
I have gotten information from Brandi's site also from who Claim their work stolen
I do not know that the poser were stolen or not... I can only take precautionary action...

I am now however removing the results of the tag I created with that kit and when and if I find out more information then perhaps I'll be able to create a new tag.
The kit is called Parfait scrapkit and I'm sorry to say I do not know how much if any of it that may be stolen and am trying to find out.

I'll also be removing the header that was created for me by sugarspicebrat as I cannot be sure that any of the work in that is not stolen

If anyone has downloaded the kit on my recommendations I am trying to get more information about it and I am truly sorry that this has happened.
In the meantime I would suggest not using the kit until I do have further information.

Again I apologise for the inconvience and hope you will continue to visit my site...

Hugs Michelle

Friday, 23 January 2009

Template Freebie and New tag

New Template and Tag


Hi all

Hope you are all doing well...

Sorry haven't done anything in little while it's been bit hectic here and trying to cope with my depression as well.


Well finally I've felt a bit creative so I've made a new template and a new tag

Template Nine can be gotten here

Please if you are going to share through groups just share a preview and a link to my blogsite thank you


The tag I've created I've used the beautiful artwork of © Ayumi K

I have also used a Fun PTU kit by sinful Jade called Hurry spring

Well Thank you for Visiting and hope you like what you see and return soon

If you would like a copy of the Tag you can get it here

Please do not alter or change tag in anyway and please do not share through groups

thank you

Hugs Michelle






Sunday, 18 January 2009

New Tags

New Tags

Hi all
Hope your having a great weekend...
Well one room in a shift around is finally nearly complete only four more room to do.
Well basically I've been playing this weekend and have made a couple of tags
from some lessons I was working on in a group
You can get the tags but please do not alter them or change them
in any way and do not share them through groups please

Oh yes the art of
needless to say bling and I do not like each other... Actually think it's more like
animation and I don't necessarily like each other
three days of hell trying to get my tags
the way I wanted or to work properly..

Tag 1 is On the wind
if you would like it available here

the next tag is Island Paradise
which you can get here if you would like it

The final tag is Mirrored
I have used the wonderful art work of Alan Stevens for this tag
You can get it here if you would like it

I don't think I will be writing a tutorial at this time for the first two tags
and the third tag
Mirrored was based on a tutorial I tried from this site

It's a very good tut so give it a go and see what you can do

Well that's about it for today Hopefully have a new template, mask and tutorial for you
by the end of the next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Hugs Michelle

Hi Again all
Here are a couple of tags I've made today
I have used the beautiful artwork of Amanda Penrose for these tags
©Amanda Penrose
I have also Used a fun PTU kit
called Hurry Spring by SinfulJade

Ok So here are my new tags
thanks for looking
Hugs Michelle

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Ocean Queen Tutorial

New Tutorial

Hi All

Hope everyone is doing ok.

I finally seem to be on the mend... Yea!!!

I'm finally creating properly and have done a new tag with tutorial today

Here is the tag OCEAN QUEEN

Tag if you would like it available here

Please do not alter or change the tag

do not share through groups

Please note my requests to the right of my blog

thank you

Hugs Michelle

Here is one with added Sparklies etc

and Here is the Tutorial

Thanks for looking and Giving it a try

Ocean Queen

This tutorial was written by Michelle Mills on 15th January 2009. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. I claim all rights to this tutorial. Your results of this tutorial you are free to do with as you wish.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of Paint shop Pro.

The results of this tutorial were done in Paint shop Pro Ultimate x2.

Hugs Michelle


Tubes of Choice or ones I have supplied here

get misted scenic 56 here

Font of choice I used Black Chancery

Imagination... A definite must

Open a new 600x600 transparent image

Choose two colours from your main tube I have used foreground #bc3883

And background as #44a96f

Flood fill your image with background colour

Copy and paste as new layer sea spray and move to the left and down

See image below for approximate placement

Duplicate Sea spray layer and then mirror

Change Blend mode of both sea spray layers to luminance legacy

Copy and paste as new layer misted scenic 56 and change blend mode to Overlay

Copy and paste Whale in moonlight as new layer and move to the left change Blend mode to Luminance Legacy

Now move the Whale in moonlight layer to down should be above raster 1 our background colour

See image below for placement

Now make sure we are at the top layer and copy and paste as new layer Depp image and move to the right Change opacity to 50 and blend mode to soft light

Copy and paste as new layer Sea Goddess and then move to between the rocks

See image below for approximate placement I've closed off all other images to show approximate location adjust your image accordingly

Add a drop shadow V&H 15, Opacity 50, Blur 15, Colour Black

Right then we have our basic Tag

Let’s add our borders

Image add border and choose white 2 px

With magic wand replace, RGB value, Tolerance 0, feather 0 and anti-alias checked select our border

Flood fill with our background colour, keep selected

Effects>3d>Cut-out V&H 2, Opacity 50, Blur 5, Colour Black, select none

Image add borders 2px and use background colour

Image add borders 1px and use black

Image add borders 4px and use background colour

Image add borders 25px colour white

Use magic wand to select border and flood fill with background colour, Keep selected

Effect>Reflection Effects>Kaleidoscope with the following settings

Image add borders 4px colour white

Use magic wand to select border and flood fill with background colour, keep selected

Add drop shadow with V&H 1, Opacity 50, blur 1, colour black

Repeat drop shadow with V&H -1, select none

Image add border 1px colour black

And image add borders 2px colour background

Add your water mark and any text and copyright information your done

Resize your image, adjust sharpness and save you’re done

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

Hugs Michelle

Hi all

It appears that Mediafire is still having problems with some of my images and downloads

so for those that were not able to get the full downloads for Ocean Queen tutorial I have uploaded the depp image to 4shared.

can get it here

Hugs Michelle

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

More Results

Hi All

Hope your all doing well...

I'm slowly getting better... Still constantly losing my voice and

barking like a dog... but gett ing better...

Well today just wanted to show a lovely tag

done by Helen from one of my groups, using

my template.

I love this and thank you so much Helen for trying my template

and allowing me to show your lovely work

Hugs Michelle

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Template Tutorial and New Freebie Template

How to Create a Template


Hi All

Recently I was asked how to create templates and if I could write a tutorial on how to do it

So here it is...

Templates are basic Frames that are created so that they can be filled in with colours or scrap paper etc to give the effect you like and decorate them to create your own unique tags...

This tutorial was written by Michelle Mills on 11th January 2009. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. I claim all rights to this tutorial. Your results of this tutorial you are free to do with as you wish.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of Paint shop Pro.

The results of this tutorial were done in Paint shop Pro Ultimate x2.

Hugs Michelle

Ok so here we go this is the Template we’re going to make

First create a new 600x600 transparent image

Rename layer to background flood fill with white

In your material Palette make your foreground transparent by clicking the little circle with cross through it.

Change your Background Colour to a dark grey

Go to your Selection tool and Choose Octagon, mode is replace, feather 0, anti-alias checked

Now pull out a shape to fill most of the middle section and fill with the dark grey.

Select none and move your shape to the middle of paper, Rename Layer Large Octagon

See image below for placement

Select all Float and Defloat, then select>modify>Contract 15

Create new raster; Make sure new raster is selected

Select>Modify>select selection borders, outside checked, anti-alias checked, border width 4, click ok and then fill with a light grey, select none, Rename Layer Octagon Frame

Continue to rename your layers as you’re going along so you know where you are at

Choose a new shape, I Chose a Leaf pull out a shape to the size you like and then move it around to place where you like.

As this has pulled out on a vector layer

Convert to raster I now duplicated the raster layer and mirrored the new layer and then I free rotated by about 40 degrees and brought the leaves together

I have decided I like what I have so have duplicated both the leaf layers again

Flipped them and then mirrored them and then adjusted the position by moving until they sat where I liked them

I then used Selection tool again with Ellipse to create an oval and placed in the middle of my shape, convert to raster and select all>modify>contract 4 and then

Add new raster

Select all>Modify>select selection borders> Outside checked, anti-alias check border width 4 and filled on new raster layer with dark Grey

I then used another shape this time a ribbon and pulled that out

Converted to raster and free rotated by 40 degree and placed where I liked it.

Continue to use your light and dark grey or white if necessary

Use your shapes, Brushes or Selection Tools until you have a template you like and want to work with

When you have a template you like Save as a not merge your layers

And then try your new template for any problems...

You’re done

Hugs Michelle

Fo those that want this template eight you can get it from here

Please remember that you can share through groups only with a preview and link to my blog

Hugs Michelle

Here's a tag I created with the template
I used the beautiful artwork of Marcel Marlier
and the Very Pretty and fun scrapkit
In the country by

Thank you for looking
Hugs Michelle

Friday, 9 January 2009

I Passed



Hi all

I'm still not well... this flu has hold of me good and proper

Doesn't sem to matter what I do wont

give up... but I did pass the stupid life in the UK Test I had to sit...

Yea!!!! I think...

Three more months and I get to apply for Indefinate Leave to Remain.. 

Still definately not looking forward to going through all the rubbish that goes with it..

but once I get it then I can stay with my husband permanently.. 

Think will leave it about now on that one cause I'm still not happy camper

Hopefully later today will have some new creations for you... see how I'm feeling

Hope your all having great week and will catch you soon

Hugs Michelle

 Here is something I created today... Went horribly wrong but I actually like

it Unfortunately do not know the artist was sent to me through a group

If anyone does know please email me so I can give credit

Hugs Michelle

Monday, 5 January 2009

New Template and Tags

New Template


Hi All

Hope your all having a better time than I am at the moment

This illness has really gotten hold of me.. Doesn't seem to matter

what I do can't seem to shake it.. Worst is it has gone to my chest

so making even more difficult to get rid of with my asthma.

Oh well just keep trying I guess..


I have tried to create even though ill and have made a new Template

for you

Please Note usual rule do not share the actual template through groups. If you wish to share a preview only and link back to my blog

thank you


I have also created a tag with the new template

I have used the beautiful artwork of Darin Michau

I have also used a lovely FTU scrap kit from Stacey

It is part of the Treasured Scraps Blog train. You can get stacey's part from her blogsite and

then directed to the rest of the freebies on this wonderful blog train.

thank you Stacey for beautiful kit to work with.


Also here is a tag I created for Stacey with her part of the SNS January Collab kit

I will be writing a tutorial for this tag as soon as I am feeling well and I hope you'll come back to give it a try

in the meantime Enjoy the new Template

Please respect my wishes if sharing Template only share a preview and link to my blog

and I look forward to seeing you all soon

Hugs Michelle



Saturday, 3 January 2009


Hi all

Sorry haven't written or posted recently ... Unfortunately my dearest darling child who got ill last week passed it to me and I've been sick for the last four or five days and now my poor husband has got it..

So both myself and my husband are now bed bound for a little while while we get over this.

But I Thought I'd check in and write quick hi to all

and thank all the visitors to my blog.

In doing so I have been given another award from Angel of Angelflight scraps.
Thank you so much Angel..
I am so moved and thankful to all the lovely ladies and gents who have blogs and share their creations...
Have helped me with my blog and also to inspire me to create to share with others.
From Stacey of who helped me to get started with all of this to get a blog up and running and asked me to write tutorials for her...
to Enigma of who runs a teaching group that I started with and learnt a lot of my basics so that I can share my creations.
To Marxie of who created blinkies for me and Mark of
To Catherine of who made me a beautiful banner and also presented me with an award
To some wonderful ladies in some great groups I am with Cathie and Laine and all the fantastic members of psptimesthree
Enigma and wonderful members of 2e's
and Stacey, Marxie, Mark and Tootsie and members of University
There a many others
And Barb who is a great support.
Thank you to you all...
Thank you to all who have supported and made my blogsite what it is today.
And I hope you will continue to visit and support not only my blog but others who put in hard work of creating blog and creations for you to use.
On One other note I will be redoing a lot of my creations when I am well enough into png format for those that don't use psp.
I am sorry for any that I have missed in the past in not doing this as I don't use png very often if at all.
So thank you to the guest who left the message requesting that I do this and I hope you visit again soon and will be able to use my creations.
Again thank you one and all
Have good day
and Hope to see you all again when I am well
Hugs Michelle