Saturday, 24 January 2009

Taken in

Hi All

I feel bad about this but it seems that I may have created a tag that unfortunately may have stolen cute posers in them. Therefore I am removing the tag I created with that kit.

I had downloaded a kit in good faith from a site called which is now shut down by the owner a few weeks ago..
but only today am I finding out this information that her creations may have or appear to be stolen unfortunately.
I have gotten information from Brandi's site also from who Claim their work stolen
I do not know that the poser were stolen or not... I can only take precautionary action...

I am now however removing the results of the tag I created with that kit and when and if I find out more information then perhaps I'll be able to create a new tag.
The kit is called Parfait scrapkit and I'm sorry to say I do not know how much if any of it that may be stolen and am trying to find out.

I'll also be removing the header that was created for me by sugarspicebrat as I cannot be sure that any of the work in that is not stolen

If anyone has downloaded the kit on my recommendations I am trying to get more information about it and I am truly sorry that this has happened.
In the meantime I would suggest not using the kit until I do have further information.

Again I apologise for the inconvience and hope you will continue to visit my site...

Hugs Michelle

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