Friday, 9 January 2009

I Passed



Hi all

I'm still not well... this flu has hold of me good and proper

Doesn't sem to matter what I do wont

give up... but I did pass the stupid life in the UK Test I had to sit...

Yea!!!! I think...

Three more months and I get to apply for Indefinate Leave to Remain.. 

Still definately not looking forward to going through all the rubbish that goes with it..

but once I get it then I can stay with my husband permanently.. 

Think will leave it about now on that one cause I'm still not happy camper

Hopefully later today will have some new creations for you... see how I'm feeling

Hope your all having great week and will catch you soon

Hugs Michelle

 Here is something I created today... Went horribly wrong but I actually like

it Unfortunately do not know the artist was sent to me through a group

If anyone does know please email me so I can give credit

Hugs Michelle

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