Monday, 29 December 2008

Thank You

I got a new banner... And I'm so thrilled...
It was created for me by Catherine of sugarspicebrat
Thank you so Very Much... Not sure if I've got
the setting right but I can fix that tomorrow...
Cause I just wanted to say thanks and show off this beautiful
Hugs Michelle

Sunday, 28 December 2008


An Award



My first award

I never expected one ever

It's really nice to be acknowldeged that way

So big thanks to Catherine of Sugarspicebrat

for the Award I am truly touched...

Hugs Michelle


Friday, 26 December 2008

Template Five Freebie

New Template

Hi All

Hope you're all having a great day.

It's been nice a quiet here today which is nice.. Even got to do some shopping without great

crowds in the store..They're all off to the sales..Well they can have that I got my shopping done

Peacefully and quietly and able to lead my husband around the store without bumping into something

or someone every two seconds... I do so love quiet

However my poor child who is 16 and has always fought going to bed for as late as possible

has now put himself to bed at 6:27pm.. He's not feeling well poor darling..

It is an early record even for him though..Cause generally no matter how sick he is he wont go

to bed until 11pm or later.

This child at the age of 12months refused to lay down for afternoon go to sleep

until it was after 9pm usually got closer to midnight.. I mean all his life

He's always been up till at least 10pm no matter how tired and exhausted...He's always fought sleep

as much as possible I guess cause he thought might miss something.. Or the fact has severe ADHD..

so needless to say I'm a little concerned because he has gone to bed so early but hopefully

he'll be feeling better tomorrow..

Anyway I got to creating today and I have another freebie Template for you

Template no five can be got here

Here's a preview

Well that's about it for me tonight...

Gonna have an early night myself

I hope you enjoy the template and enjoy the blogsite

thanks to those that have left comments regarding my work

and tutorials it is very much appreciated

Have a good night

Hugs Michelle

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Freebie Quilled Syle

New Offer Freebie


This is an offer for those who want them

I have made some flowers and butterfly in the style of quilling

these images completely copyright to me

I will offer as a freebie for people

I will be writing a tutorial for them and offering some of the basic 

shapes I create to help make your own in the near future.

These are the trials don't expect perfection..They are very much a work in

progress, it's long and time consuming work to make the shapes let alone put

it all together to look like they have been quilled.


Here is my TOU regarding my quilled style work and future tutorials for these

I have created these from scratch in every way they are hard work to try and get

right and look the way you want them to

Do not steal them or claim them as your own

You may use them for personal use only, do not try to sell them or recieve money for them

in anyway....They are copyright to me 

You may only share a preview and a link to my blog. 

If they are used you must copyright them to me.

You must link back to my blogsite 

You may not alter them.

You may not recolour them.

If you don't like the colour contact me and request some in colours you like.

If I can do it I will

Do not offer them in Scrap kits you have created unless you have permission from me

I'm not an ogre nor a mean person if you have a request in a way to use them contact me 

I am more than happy to discuss this

I have the right to change this TOU as required or necessary

thank you

Hugs Michelle

These are the first three I've made in the last week or so.. More are to come so keep an eye out

As usual do not share through groups. You may share the preview only with a link to my Blog

Right that's it today

if you would like to download these go here



Here is another I have done tonight..

thanks for looking it too can be downloaded at the above address

please abide by the tou

Hugs Michelle


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Doll Freebie

New Freebie


Hi All

Hope your having a great day

We viewed the house now we have to apply and hopefully all our references

check out ok and it's ours


I hope anyway. Little smaller than what we've got but it's just brand new built

so that's really great. Landlord is fairly strict I think but that also means they're

gonna take care of the place so that's fantastic. No more leaky roof if we get it,

heating and the best thing the really really best waiting for it.. It has

a shower..Can you believe it???.. A shower haven't had a shower of our own since I left

Australia... had to have a bath all the time...or wait till we had a break somewhere that had 

showers.. We get a shower 

Any way other than that has a garage which is great as well so good storage room.

So Hoping we get it...


Right for the Freebies today

I've had request for the dolls I created. I'm going to offer them for a short time for those that

would like them

Please NOTE my TOU

Do not share them through groups.

If they are used please put created by Michelle Mills and Link back to my blog

Do not claim them as your own.

Do not alter them in any way.

If you do not like my dolls you can always create your own there are tutorials to help you create your own.

I do not claim the tutorial or the idea of these dolls only the fact that I created

these particular dolls that I am sharing.


Here is one doll I created

you can see the rest on my blog dated 12 December 08

you can download them here

Hope you enjoy them 

Please remember my TOU and Thanks would be nice

hugs Michelle 


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

New Template and Mask

New Template and Mask

Hi All

Hope your having a good week. Well at least better than me.

Still no heating. The roof still leaks, and is now rotted and collapsing.

Still Mold every where why???? Because the landlord is a .....

fill in you own interpretation

Oh well... we are looking at a house tomorrow hopefully we will get it

Really need a break at this point before I go nutz.

Guess I should shut up now as i'm not a happy person...


So today I have made a mask and template

Please link back to me if the template or mask is used

Do not share through groups except with a link to my blog and

a preview of the template and mask.

thank you

The Template four is here

This template is for personal use only, If you use this template

please link back to me. Thank you

Here is a tag I created with the template

I have used a beautiful FTU scrap kit by Aziko

Called Refreshing

The mask is here

Mask 10

Again if used please link back to my blog

thank you

Alright that's about it for the day

thanks for looking hope you enjoy the freebies

feel free to leave comments or message..or even to share your

results of use of the freebies.

I'd be glad to see them or even if you like display them on the blog....

It's nice to see what people's interpretation on a tutorial is or how they have

used the templates, masks etc

Also nice to hear thanks

hugs Michelle

Sunday, 21 December 2008


Hi All

Hope you've had a great week

Not much happening this way. Looking at moving, hopefully within the month


Today I've just been trying my hand further at tubing

I've used some flowers and roses photo's that I took while living in Australia

I am thinking of offering some of my photo's for use

if I have enough interest from people

If you wish to use any of my photo's whether they are tubed or

the original please contact me I will explain my TOU regarding my photo's

but in the mean time please do not just take these photo's

they are mine and copyright to me and unless and until I give you permission to use

them do not touch.

thank you
Hugs Michelle

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mask Freebie

New Mask Freebie


Hi All Created a new mask

I've made several versions of it

Also a couple of tags with the different masks

you can download it from here

Hope you enjoy

As with all my creations please share with preview and link to blog

here is a preview

Here are some tags I created with the masks First two tags I have used the beautiful

artwork of JaniceDarrCua

again thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the mask

hugs Michelle

Next tag I have used the gorgeous artwork of Josephine Wall

Well that's it for today

thanks for visiting my blog and hope to see you soon

Hugs Michelle




Hi all

Well it's another wet and woolie day here in England Devon(again).
And lucky for us our Flat is so warm with all the heating our landlord provides (NOT)
Unfortunately no heating in this flat because we haven't got a decent electricity supply
if we're fortunate may have some heating by next week. I'm not actually sure if it's colder in the flat than outside. Any way not to worry.

Went out to Dartmoor this morning the Ponies were out which is great
however the fog was so thick couldn't see more than foot or so in front of you made for some
not so great driving

Anyway Thought show a pic of the beautiful Dartmoor Ponies
they seem to have an infinity with my Husband
This one was taken in slightly better whether a few weeks ago
And the others were taken at various times through the last year

but they are beautiful

Love these Ponies so worth going to the moor just to see them
they definately brighten your day

Any way today I am showing a beautiful tag created
by Helen using my Template
Thanks again Helen for trying the template and allowing me
to show the results this a beautiful tag

Hugs Michelle

You can get the Template here

Please only share with a preview of template and link to my blog
Thank you
Hugs Michelle
Here's that beautiful Tag
Thanks for visiting my Blog
Hope you have a great day
Hugs Michelle

Monday, 15 December 2008

Template Freebie- Tutorial




Hi All Hope you’re all having a great first day of the week.

I have unfortunately noticed that my creations are going through groups with no link back to my blog and with the pspimage file attached. I was most disappointed to see this.

And although I have not required credit in the past if my templates, masks and frames or any of my other creations I have offered as freebies, and still don’t. I have unfortunately noticed a trend whereby I have quite a number of visitors to my blog most particularly when I have offered new freebies, (well everybody’s out for a freebie). Don’t get me wrong I’m glad you like the freebies, It’s wonderful that I have so many visits when I offer a freebie and I have many people downloading my freebies which is also great; and yet very few if any can even take the time to say hi, or thank you or appreciate the fact that these things have been offered.  

Looking at the figures from the time I have started my blog and have offered freebies or creations I have had no less than 4 thank you, not including digi-free. Unfortunately I find this at times incredibly rude of people out of nearly 3000 visitors and out of 650 downloads, 4 thank yous and or comments, this is disappointing but I can live it. What I'm upset is that my small request of not sharing through groups except by preview and link to my blog could not even be respected.  I find it very disheartening that very few can say thank you and yet disrespect my wishes and send these downloads through groups as snags.

 For those that took the time to make a comment I appreciate that and thank you so much. You made my day and brought a smile to my face when I saw those comments and that you liked my work.

I still at this point continue to offer my freebies for personal use only and not require credit back to me if they are used. However if it continues that they are sent through groups as attachments then I will no longer be offering any further freebies.

I realise this is no great loss to many and that my creations are not the greatest in the world. I am still learning after all. But I do put a lot of work into them and I deserve to have my wishes respected.

Right then enough said on that

Well got to have another play today and I’ve first created a template which you can get here

Please note as with all of my creations you may share only with a preview and a link to my blog for others to download it from my blog. This template was created by me on 15th December 2008 any similarities to any other template is purely coincidental


I have also written another tutorial using the new template

This tutorial was written by Michelle Mills on 15th December 2008. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. I claim all rights to this tutorial. Your results of this tutorial you are free to do with as you wish. Please respect the TOU of the owner of the scrap kit.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of Paint shop Pro.

The results of this tutorial were done in Paint shop Pro Ultimate x2.

Hugs Michelle



Tube or tubes of choice

Mask or brush of choice

FTU Kit of choice I used one from Bea Creations Called Love of my Life

Plug-in optional xero porcelain

Template by me can get here


Open the template duplicate and close the original and open the image or images you wish to use.

I am using one image by Ana Rasha

First I added the image resized to 70% and sharpened once

Add a drop shadow of V -4, H-6, O 60, B 5, C Black

Copy with your lasso tool the rose and some of the petals and paste as new layer

Resize to 70% and sharpen once

Duplicate layer and mirror, free rotate 30 degree right add same drop shadow as before

Move the rose till it crosses the other rose image. See my image for placement

Go back to first rose layer and add drop shadow as follows Change V&H to 4 leave the rest as before

Right then that’s it for your image placement

Let’s decorate our template

I am using a beautiful FTU Scrap kit by Bea Creations  called Love of my Life

Go to raster 1 and fill with white

Go to large square select all>float>defloat and paste into selection paper 1, select none

Go to large square frame and select all>float>defloat and paste into selection paper 18

inner bevel, bevel 2, W 12, S 16, D 4, A 0, S 0, Colour white, A 315, I 50, E 30,

Add drop shadow V&H 4, O 50, B 5, C Black, select none

Go to Small Square layer select all>float>defloat and paste into selection paper 16, Select none

Go to small square frame layer select all>float>defloat paste into selection paper 18, add inner bevel as before and add drop shadow as before, select none

Go to small square Corner select all>float>defloat paste into selection paper 15

Add inner bevel as before

Add drop shadow V&H 4, O 20, B 5 Colour black, select none

Go to rectangle layer and select all>float>defloat paste into selection paper 2, select none

Go to rectangle frame layer and select all>float>defloat paste into selection paper 18, add inner bevel as before, add drop shadow V&H 4, O 50, B 5, C Black select none

Go to rectangle corner and select all>float>defloat paste into selection paper 15, add inner bevel as before, add drop shadow as previous corner drop shadow

Go to heart layer select all>float>defloat paste into selection paper 10, add inner bevel as before, select none

Go to heart frame layer select all>float>defloat paste into selection paper 18, add inner bevel as before, add drop shadow as for square and rectangle layers, select none

Go to flower shape and select two contrasting colours from your tube. I have used #ff1ac8 and #9c0ea1

Select all>float>defloat and flood fill image with #ff1ac8, add inner bevel, select none

Go to flower shape frame and select all>float>defloat and flood fill with contrasting colour, add inner bevel, merge down layers and add drop shadow V&H 4, O 30, blur 5, Colour Black

Go to flower shape 1 and repeat the above steps

Go to flower shape 3 do as above but reverse the flood fill. See my image if unsure

Go to Butterfly layer

Create a gradient with your material colours with foreground-background, radial style, angle 45, repeat 5

And select all>float>defloat then flood fill with your gradient

Add drop shadow that has been used for flower shapes, move butterfly down a little and to the right. See my image for placement

Go to your image layer and if you like use the xero plug-in to add porcelain on default setting

Open heart 5 from the elements and copy and paste as new layer resize to 60% adjust>sharpness>sharpen once and move into the right of square frame. See image for placement

Add drop shadow of V&H 4, O 50, B 5, and Colour black

Open heart 6 copy and paste as new layer resize to 60%, adjust sharpness once mirror and free rotate 30degrees left add drop shadow as before

Open butterfly 2 from elements and copy and paste as new layer, resize to 40% adjust sharpness once, free rotate 30 degrees right and add drop shadow as before

Close off raster layer one and merge visible

Resize by tag to 90% and sharpen once

Reopen raster layer one find a brush you like or mask

New raster layer and paint your brush

Resize tag add any text, add copyright and watermark and save your done

Well I hope you enjoy my Template and my tutorial

Thanks for trying it

Hugs Michelle

Friday, 12 December 2008


New Creating - Frame Freebie


Hi all

Been busy this week I've made a few little things here and there

new tags new frame and some selection dolls

So lets start I guess here is the new frame I created which you can get here

You can see a tag I created with this frame at the bottom of today's blog

Please note if you wish to share this frame please do so only with the preview and a link to my blog.

do not share any other way.

thank you Hugs Michelle


I tried my hand at some tubing using some of my photo's I've taken.

These are my photo's so please do not take them.

If you like them

or want to use them ask me.

If enough people want my work then I will do show more of my photo's

and start to offer the use of them.

But until then these are mine and are not to be

taken or used by anyone.
These are my first attempts at tubing if you have a comment please be kind

I have a long way to go but hopefully eventually do more.

I also tried my hand at making some of my own tubes 

here are some of the dolls I made 

couple I combined to see what effect I got 

thanks for looking. Please don't just take these dolls

if you want them you can ask me or you can make your own

I love these so easy to make and create

with them

thanks again

Hugs Michelle


Here's a tag I made with one of the dolls using a fun little

scrapkit by called In the country

I have also used the frame I created

Well I guess that's about for today

thanks for visiting my blog and having a look around

and hope you continue to enjoy my creations

hugs Michelle




Tuesday, 9 December 2008

New Template - Freebie

 New Template - Freebie


Hi all

and welcome to my blog

thanks for visiting and trying my stuff.

I have made a new template tonight and

created a tag with that template

you can get the template here  

Of course as I always ask if you would like to share

please do so but only a preview and a link to my blog

do not share any other way please

thank you

Hugs Michelle

And here is the tags I created with it

one is animated

again thanks for looking

have fun..

Would love to see what you create if you care

to share

hugs Michelle

The tag I have used the beautiful scrapkit

by Marxie called My kinda Rainbow

Thanks of looking

Frame Freebie

Frame Freebie


Hi All

Hope your having a great day

I created a frame last night and a tag to go with it.

Unfortunately I forgot to post it..

so here is the frame

Please don't forget if you want to share the frame

please do so however please do with a preview and a

link to my blog only.

Thank you

Here is a tag I created with the frame

I have used the beautiful artwork of Ayumi K  ©AyumiK


Again just want to thank all these wonderful Artists that allow the use of their work.

Well that's if for me for now

Hope to catch ya soon

thanks for looking and trying my creations

Hugs Michelle


Monday, 8 December 2008

Jumping Dolphin - Tutorial

Jumping Dolphin - Tutorial & Freebie Frame


Hi All

Hope your having a great day

well to get straight into things

I have made a new Frame as a freebie

If you like my creations please share a preview and a link to my blog

do not share any other way thank you

drop shadow on frame is for preview purposes

Also here is the promised tutorial for the Jumping Dolphin
I've given it a try at writing out quickly what is needed to be done to add

shimmer and sparkle but I'm still learning this myself and haven't really thought

how to write it for tutorials. So I apologise up front if it's confusing.


So here are the results of my tags one without shimmer and sparkle

and one with shimmer and sparkle

Here is the tutorial

Thanks for trying

have a great day

Hugs Michelle


Jumping Dolphin


This tutorial was written by Michelle Mills on 08th December 2008.

Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

I claim all rights to this tutorial.

Your results of this tutorial you are free to do with as you wish.

Please respect the TOU of the owner of the scrap kit. 

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of Paint shop Pro.  

The results of this tutorial were done in Paint shop Pro Ultimate x2. 

Hugs Michelle  


I try to give credit where credit is due however due to the amount of graphics and tubes I receive I do not always know who has created them. If they are yours or you know who’s they are and you want credit please let me know or if they are yours and you wish me to remove them a polite note is all it takes.

Supplies provided here

Frame can be gotten here

Only supply not provided is photo I took you will need an ocean scene

Ok first let’s make our frame

Open all images in psp

Open a new 600x600 transparent image

Flood fill the image with a dark blue I have used #38496d

Layer>new mask>from image and from drop down list select your mask invert mask data ticked

Merge group and add new raster

Select all and copy and paste into selection your ocean scene. Move the ocean scene layer beneath the mask layer

Copy and paste as new layer the seas tube add as many as you like to make lots of waves see my image

Make sure your mask layer is the top layer and merge all

Open your frame Using magic wand click inside your frame, add new raster layer and make sure is your active layer, then select your merged ocean scene and copy and paste into selection

Save now.

Open a new 850x850 transparent image and copy and paste as new layer your ocean scene background

Using your Pick tool with perspective now shift and left mouse to move the left corner up and then do the same with the bottom left corner down and till frame has skewed.  Do this to the point that makes you happy and add a drop shadow

I used V&H 3, opacity 50, blur 5

See image below on blank frame


Now open your dolphin tube and copy and paste as new layer

Image>resize image to 80% and place near front of frame in the wave area

Add drop shadow as before

Now copy and paste a new layer more seas tubes to make waves around the tail of dolphin and spilling over the frame see image for placement

You will need to had a few waves under the frame layer as well or will not look right but basically play till you get what you like.

Image resize add your watermark and copyright information. Don’t forget to sharpen once.

Let’s add the sparkle and noise

Adding Sparkle and noise animation I’ve never written tutorials for this before so here goes

Once you have saved your tag as a Jpg Duplicate it 3 times

Find the waves you want to outline I have outlined around the tail and some of the waves whites

Using freehand tool with point to point mark out areas you want to add sparkle

See image below for idea


Do this for all areas where you wish to add noise

When all marked out adjust>add noise on your very top layer at 30

Highlight middle layer add noise 20

Bottom layer add noise 10

Select none now add sparkle on each layer

Starting with size 30 sparkle add a couple on top layer, middle layer and bottom layer

Add size 20 sparkle on top layer, middle layer, and bottom layer

And then finally add size 10 sparkle on top layer, middle layer and bottom layer

Make sure they are random then

Save as psp animation shop

Open animation shop and find your image you just saved

When it opens will have ready all you need to do is check settings in the optimisation window

Animated gif file checked, replace current animation optimized version, click next and then in customise

Colours 255 colours, optimized median cut checked, error diffusion checked,

Click on partial transparency

Convert pixel less than 1, blend with this colour white

Change frame speed to what you want and save

Hope you enjoy the tutorial and thank you for trying

Hugs Michelle