Tuesday, 16 December 2008



Hi all

Well it's another wet and woolie day here in England Devon(again).
And lucky for us our Flat is so warm with all the heating our landlord provides (NOT)
Unfortunately no heating in this flat because we haven't got a decent electricity supply
if we're fortunate may have some heating by next week. I'm not actually sure if it's colder in the flat than outside. Any way not to worry.

Went out to Dartmoor this morning the Ponies were out which is great
however the fog was so thick couldn't see more than foot or so in front of you made for some
not so great driving

Anyway Thought show a pic of the beautiful Dartmoor Ponies
they seem to have an infinity with my Husband
This one was taken in slightly better whether a few weeks ago
And the others were taken at various times through the last year

but they are beautiful

Love these Ponies so worth going to the moor just to see them
they definately brighten your day

Any way today I am showing a beautiful tag created
by Helen using my Template
Thanks again Helen for trying the template and allowing me
to show the results this a beautiful tag

Hugs Michelle

You can get the Template here

Please only share with a preview of template and link to my blog
Thank you
Hugs Michelle
Here's that beautiful Tag
Thanks for visiting my Blog
Hope you have a great day
Hugs Michelle

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