Saturday, 30 May 2009

New Freebie -kit

Hi All

I have created a new freebie kit

this time using some evening colours

So basically called it the goodnight kit

this time I have done it full sized so everything is either 3600x3600 for papers

and 1200x1200 for elements

Hope you like the new kit

It's not a big kit only a few ribbons and some gems and tried making some rings

but I hope you can use it

of course I'd love to see what is created if you want to show me

well here's a preview of it

If you would like to download the kit get it from here look for goodnight colours
well that's about it have a great night and see you soon
Hugs Michelle

Friday, 29 May 2009

New Recipe

Hi all

Hope your all having a good morning

I got to do a lot of cooking yesterday as I was doing tapas, small plate meals

and a recipe I created which is really very simple yet very tasty

they are Turkey meatballs

I hope you enjoy

and have fun creating

Hugs Michelle

Thursday, 28 May 2009

New Freebie-Quick Page

Hi All

I hope your all having a great week.
This week has been a bit of an up and down week for me.

Damien left for Australia Thursday last week and it was a tense 10hours until we new he had managed to find his connecting flight.
He made it to Australia 30 minutes before scheduled and mum and dad were waiting to collect him.
He seems to be having fun over there at this time.

For me it was a bit hard cause first the concern of him travelling alone but then it was cool he's gone for five months Paul and I can have some time to ourselves but then I felt guilty because I felt that way.

Unfortunately have had some serious depression this last week..
However hopefully that will all settle soon.

Anyway I have gotten to creating and I found a fantastic freebie kit by and after getting permission from Pascale I have a QP Freebie for you all

The full kit I have used is called Zip-a-dee-do-dah and you can get it from

Check out the site some wonderful freebies you wont be disappointed.
Anyway here is the QP
I have just called it Beautiful Day
I hope you enjoy the qp you can download it from here look for zip folder QuickPagesBeautiful Day
and thanks again to Pascale and David for the beautiful kit and permission to give you the QP
don't forget to leave thanks if downloading the full kit
Hugs to all
Thanks for visiting

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New Freebie

Hi all

well Damien leaves for Australia tomorrow...It's a bit stressful but I really hope he enjoys his time there..

Well I have finished a freebie for you

this is an office style kit

so here is a preview

If you'd like to download here look for brownish kit
hugs Michelle

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Recipe

Hi All

Well I've finally got to create something

Today is just a recipe page

I have used a beautiful scrapkit created by Angelflight

This is a ftu kit

Great site to visit and freebies available

Todays recipe is a lime Chicken

Fantastic recipe it is based on a lemon chicken recipe that I used to make

so here it is...just click on the recipe for a larger screen

This recipe is great for bbq, parties or quiet night in

I'm about half way done with my new kit so that should be up soon

Have a great week and hope to see you again

hugs Michelle

Sunday, 17 May 2009


Hi all
Just thought I'd write a quick update
It's been bit busy around here since we got our permanent visa's.

We are now sending Damien back to Australia for a few months as he has been missing family
there for such a long time now.. He wasn't supposed to go back until september but we managed to scrounge some money together and he is going back next week!!!
He leaves Thursday afternoon at 2:15 and arrives in Perth West Aus 5:25Pm the next day.
Needless to say though I'm definately a bit distressed...One because he's going but two because
he's never travelled alone before.
I know he's 17 and all but only just barely and this is a kid that doesn't leave his bedroom unless crowbarred out and made to go out with us for a day...
I mean this kid wont even catch a bus on his own cause he's scared he'll get the wrong bus or miss his bus or something, believe me we've tried everything to get this kid out of his room... so yeah just a bit stressful in sending him off on his own.
I think he's pretty stressed too...although very happy to be going home also very stressed ashe seems to be getting sicker and sicker by the day...
Hopefully though that will settle down for him once he starts to travel..

We too are also looking at moving...yeah... I mean we've got to save a deposit and all but hopefully we'll be moving sometime between now and before winter starts.
So we've started looking around and well hopefully that will all go smoothly...We've been so unhappy here for a long time that it's caused so much stress and tension within the family at times. Basically we're not living we exist and there is nothing worse than just existing ... so hopefully a fresh start will help us all to feel better.

Actually we're in the process of cleaning the spring clean I guess just in case we find a house we like and we have the deposit then we can just get on with things..
Finally got the spare room clean yeah... only take three months since we shifted the bedrooms around last time to finish getting it clean but yeah now it's done...

Well that's about it for now.. busy as always... but hopefully will have a new freebie up soon I am working on a new kit now for you all
thanks for continuing to visit and being patient while I also try to get my creativity back..
hugs to all and
see you soon

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

New Freebie kit

Hi all

well sorry I haven't been around much don't seem to be very creative lately

but I have finally managed to put a small kit together

here's a preview for it not all elements are shown

If you'd like this kit you can download it from here
look for purple kit
again sorry not been around much but hopefully soon
will be creating more again
hugs Michelle

Monday, 4 May 2009

New Freebie - Quick Page and Recipe

Hi all

Well it's Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK and although it's not raining yet it certainly isn't sunny. My husband always says guarenteed to rain bank holiday and well the barbies all come out as

Anyway so far been an ok day

I've managed to do a couple of bits of creating

the first I created a quick page using two kits from the blogtrain I was part of

the first kit I used was Shawana's
You can get the whole blogtrain with all it's links from
or mine or Shawna's blog sites... Have a look around find some great links or tutorials or freebies
join the group and have some fun with us all in learning and creating your own scraps...

anyhow here's a preview of the quick page and if you'd like to download it

you can download it from here

My second bit of creating is a new recipe today
this recipe is my Quick Pasta Salad
great for barbies, parties, or just a quick lunch
I have used a lovely freebie kit by Yanna called someones in the Kitchen
She has lots of freebies on her site have fun and check it out...
Don't forget your thanks to all for the freebies... goes a long way to making
designers feel good and continue to give away freebies
Recipe is below
just click on image for a bigger preview
Well that's about it for now...
thanks for visiting and have a great day
hugs Michelle m

Sunday, 3 May 2009

New Freebie - Quick Page

Hi all

Hope your having a great weekend for those that are having a bank holiday weekend

Been bit quiet here lately.

I've been doing a bit of cooking lately..We had an asian feast yesterday from bbqed asian ribs to satay beef and Thai Chicken...
All made by moi... my husband was in seventh heaven...
Lucky for him I love to cook and love to cook all types of cuisine

We are now looking at sending my son back to Australia for three or so months about September so he can see family over there.

Since moving to the UK he has missed family so we thought we'd send him back for holiday and then give myself and Paul a break as well.

My mum and dad get to see Damien..

Paul and I get much needed time alone and hopefully well every one is happy

Well I've made a Quick page today its the first time I've ever made one so comments are appreciated...

here's a preview

If you'd like to download this quick page you can get it from here

Here is a recipe I have done with the page

just click on recipe for larger image

Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting

hugs Michelle