Sunday, 17 May 2009


Hi all
Just thought I'd write a quick update
It's been bit busy around here since we got our permanent visa's.

We are now sending Damien back to Australia for a few months as he has been missing family
there for such a long time now.. He wasn't supposed to go back until september but we managed to scrounge some money together and he is going back next week!!!
He leaves Thursday afternoon at 2:15 and arrives in Perth West Aus 5:25Pm the next day.
Needless to say though I'm definately a bit distressed...One because he's going but two because
he's never travelled alone before.
I know he's 17 and all but only just barely and this is a kid that doesn't leave his bedroom unless crowbarred out and made to go out with us for a day...
I mean this kid wont even catch a bus on his own cause he's scared he'll get the wrong bus or miss his bus or something, believe me we've tried everything to get this kid out of his room... so yeah just a bit stressful in sending him off on his own.
I think he's pretty stressed too...although very happy to be going home also very stressed ashe seems to be getting sicker and sicker by the day...
Hopefully though that will settle down for him once he starts to travel..

We too are also looking at moving...yeah... I mean we've got to save a deposit and all but hopefully we'll be moving sometime between now and before winter starts.
So we've started looking around and well hopefully that will all go smoothly...We've been so unhappy here for a long time that it's caused so much stress and tension within the family at times. Basically we're not living we exist and there is nothing worse than just existing ... so hopefully a fresh start will help us all to feel better.

Actually we're in the process of cleaning the spring clean I guess just in case we find a house we like and we have the deposit then we can just get on with things..
Finally got the spare room clean yeah... only take three months since we shifted the bedrooms around last time to finish getting it clean but yeah now it's done...

Well that's about it for now.. busy as always... but hopefully will have a new freebie up soon I am working on a new kit now for you all
thanks for continuing to visit and being patient while I also try to get my creativity back..
hugs to all and
see you soon

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