Sunday, 28 June 2009

New Freebie-QP

Hi All

Hope every one is having a great week so far.

Things have been humming along here quite nicely.

We started making our own bacon yesterday we have two more days to see how it went.

I made a great sultana cake this morning

WE made some fresh butter tonight and my hubby with a small amount of my help made a lovely fresh tomato soup all be it a little spicy he put a whole chilli into it.

Still it was lovely. We had some fresh handmade homemade barleycorn bread so all in all a great day.

Only problem I've got is I am in agony. My back has been playing up for days I know better than to push myself as much as I have but I love producing our own things.

Any way on to the new freebie today I have created two new QP I have used a couple of freebie kits and Tou's are included within the download

very simple but here are previews

If you would like these QP Here
Look for 2 QP

Friday, 26 June 2009

Just a loving Thanks

Hi all
today is just a loving thanks to my Husband Paul who put in a lot of hard work and effort so that we can produce some of our own foods.
What am I talking about? well let me tell you
Today my husband butchered some meat and minced it so we could start producing our own foods regularly.
so what you say? Well here's a little background my husband is type 1 diabetic nothing spectacular there I suppose lots of people unfortunately are. My husband has also had full kidney failure and a transplant since.
again so what??? well it's true that others have too. But when my husband lost his kidneys 12years ago he also lost his sight, completely, he is black blind, and although he was a chef before he went blind he has never done butchering.
So not only did he do the actual butchering of the full birds some chicken and turkey which particularly with the turkey took him the better part of an hour he also did the mincing for me manually believe me even with my help takes an age. Well worth the effort but hard work.
So I thank my wonderful loving husband for all his hard work and having stood on his feet for over two and half hours to do this.
I know it took a lot out of him because although I kept asking him to take a rest he ended up having a mild hypo. Recovered fully now but I know he's exhausted... However with what he did we ended up with good fresh mince and are now having turkey burgers for dinner and with the chicken that he butchered we'll be making fresh homemade sausages.
So with that I will leave it there and go make him a coffee and catch you all soon
take care till then and have fun
Hugs Michelle

Sunday, 21 June 2009

New Freebie - QuickPage Dark Night

Hi all

Been a bit of a busy week in a good way.

My husband and I have started producing our own foods.

eg bread or butter, bacon and sausages.

We've only gotten started so lots of learning curves but we are determined to

produce as much as we can ourselves and then save up to buy a bit of land so that

we can grow our own produce as well.

Next week we try our making bacon and I've made jams and preserves before so I will be making some of our own jams as well.

Well other than that nice week. I have managed to create a couple of new quick pages with one of my own kits which is called the blue kit
here is a preview of the pages

If you want to download them can download from here
just look for the dark night zip.
you can find the Blue kit on my blogsite
Well that's about it for now

Hope you have a great day
catch ya soon
Hugs Michelle

Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Freebie-Quick Page Spring Birds and Freebie Elements

Hi all

I have a new freebie for you today.

I have used a beautiful FTU kit called Tweet Morning by

Debbie of

It's a great Freebie being offered so go over to the site and grab it while you can and please don't forget to leave a comment or thanks if downloading

in the meantime I've created a QP with this lovely kit and have obtained permission to offer as a freebie

so here is a preview

You can get the QP from here

Just look for Spring Birds and don't forget to get the full kit is offered free at

Well that's about it for now

Happy Scrapping and see ya soon

Hugs Michelle

ps for those that would like to download my little critters I have made them available now as I'm not sure I'm going to get the kit finished as soon as I hoped

so here's a quick preview of one or two again and you can download from

just look for sea animals
hope you enjoy

again thanks for visiting

Hugs Michelle

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Just for show

Hi All

It's been a bit of an up and down week again... gee I wish I got more up then down..

We put our car in for service and it looks like the head is cracked so it's leaking water which we are going to have to now watch permanently.. We are looking at getting rid of the car permanently but we are not a hundred percent sure we can go without a car completely so we are going through a bit of a test at the moment to see if we can live without a car.

It's not easy because let's face is we all live in a society where cars are deemed necessary, although I hate driving in the UK I still have to consider certain aspects...

I'll keep you updated anyway.

Damien is doing ok in Australia by the sound of it he had som sort of driving lesson from my dad today bit of fun I guess... just hope they're careful

other than that I guess everything is quiet...

I thought I'd show off one of my latestest little creation... this guy and a couple of others will be available soon as freebies and as part of a new kit for those that want one... so let me know if you want him just leave a comment or a message and I'll get him up and out as soon as I can

have a good day

Hugs Michelle

So I'm about half way through the kit now but hopefully they should be available soon... but if any want the before a kit is put out as I said leave a message or comment and I'll get it up a bit soon
Hugs Michelle

Thursday, 11 June 2009

small Update

Hi All
Sorry in the middle of doing a new kit so no new freebies at the moment.. But soon I hope.
Things are a bit up in the air at the moment.
I'm in a bipolar cycle which is making life difficult. My husband is bored all the time and wants to do stuff but he doesn't know what he wants to do and because I am in such a state of depression I don't really want to do anything.
Damien seems a bit bored in Australia at the moment so I'm getting slightly agro phone calls instead of nice I'm having a good time..etc then he's losing things and I'm not sure what he expects me to do he's in Australia not England so I can't find it for him.
Then yesterday we go out and some jerk off hits my car from behind after failing to check traffic and the fact that there were no traffic lights and then has the audacity to abuse and scream and swear at me.. On top of that I had right of way... so apart from the fact he hit me and the fact he didn't even know that traffic lights were out???? what does that tell you and he has to abuse me for hitting his mirror on my car when he didn't check what was happening.
Believe me since I've moved here I have been pushed off the road by drivers forced off the road, people swearing, honking their horns, speeding and then when you don't they will flash their lights honk their horns and pull fingers yell out window or swear at you... they don't know how to use roundabouts, riding on my rear end, driving too close, refuse to move over on country roads or to back up when they have a layaway just a right behind them and then forcing forward trying to make me back up sometimes upto nearly 1/2 km because they want to get through rather than them backing up a meter. I have never met a more disgusting rude people that the ones I have to deal with in this area... and there are those that think this is a great joke and laugh at you once they have achieved what they want... they don't stop when they hit you and I have been hit a few times because of people speeding on country roads and forcing themselves through in narrow area's where they should give way...
Since I moved to England and particularly Plymouth area I have found that drivers and unfortunately the people in general are the rudest most arrogant selfish drivers/people I have had the misfortune of dealing with.
Please note I do not include all people but as a whole plymouthians are total........ well I will not finish that sentence.
I don't want to nor do I intend offending anyone but I have really really had it... I am so sick and tired of being treated like ____fill in any blank you like because people think they are something more than they are or more important than anyone else.
It's sad when they make a mistake on the road and abuse you, swear at you or threaten you instead of acknowledging their own lack of concentration or their own errors...
I've had two years of having to deal with it and trying to assimilate with a new country where I have encountered rudeness from the day I first walked off a plane here....
I wont even go into Gatwick and the staff there and immigrations department.
so again I do not mean to offend but enough is enough and If only one person reads this and changes the way they behave on the roads whether in the UK or in any country for that matter then that's one more safer driver on the road... and I acknowledge everyone makes mistakes no is perfect but there are ways of dealing with things....
anyway sorry rant over again
hopefully soon new freebie will be available
hugs Michelle

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New Recipe-

Hi All 
Hope your having a great week thus far.
I'm suffering a bit of depression at the moment. I miss my son terribly but also I just think I've had so much to deal with for so long that I'm not able to cope much any more. 
Paul was very sick again last night which also was a worry but he's in a foul mood right now. He downloaded a few weeks ago the stupid new windows 7 and with his being blind and using screen readers and it being a beta version it's not working properly for him. 
However I warned him not to download it... Like warning him a thousand times before not to fiddle with his computers in the hope of making them better but noooo!!!! does he listen to me... Don't be silly...I'm just the wife that has to spend hours reinstalling his dang computer fixing errors solving problems...Like I don't have enough to do already..
Sorry ranting a bit here... but I get so tired of it... He has had five computers in 2 years the first was an old Dell just couldn't keep up anymore so brought and Acer big mistake I've had acer before and hated it but I was convinced to try the new acers cause they are so much better...No they are not...they are to put it bluntly crap and no one ever can convince me otherwise; From the day we brought them they were nothing but problems... well that didn't last a year before he had a laptop... that laptop now no longer works or is used because he first tried to turn it back to xp and then he thought he might like to learn linux well that went pear shaped... that computer isn't even used anymore... then I brought him a hp laptop... the software he had to use clashed with it and so he couldn't use it so he went back to the acer for a while... then I brought him an webbook and well that worked for him however it wasn't enough so I had to go and buy a desktop and unfortunately stupidly he chose hewlard packard what a piece of rubbish but he also had to try and improve it and so we get to the fact that he has windows 7 on it and it doesn't work... now he has a mac and I swear I will cheerfully strangle him if he even once tries to improve it... and each one has been stuffed up in some way...the only one now I know he can't screw up too much is the new mac I just brought him...He's never had one before so I don't think that at this point he would be silly enough to screw around with it without me killing him....oh well at least not all the computers have gone to waste Damien my son ended up with the hp laptop and the webbook recently for his trip to australia and he's also gotten a couple of the older computers...  
So there you have it he's in a mood because the computer doesn't work well and he did it!!!!... and I'm the one that's got to try and appease and fix things... basically bear the brunt of it
Anyways rant over.... I 
So this is a recipe I threw together tonight with left over stuff that had to be used and some imagination... 
Hope you like 
hugs Michelle 


Ingredients                                                  150g Proscutio or Bacon Pieces                                         

                                          6-8 button mushrooms diced

                            1/2 red onion diced

                                            200g frozen cocktail or small prawns

      1/4 cup of coconut milk

                                                                1/2 cup frozen diced mixed vegetables

good dash soya sauce

                       1 tsp horseradish cream

                                                                                                    4 or so slices milano or italian salami chopped up                                      

                                             as much fresh ground pepper to taste 

        2 tsp cornflour 

        and little water

                                  Spaghetti or linguini or taglatelli

                               Parmesan cheese for topping

Put your water on the boil for the pasta and cook pasta to packet instructions

In the meantime using a deep frying pan dry fry your proscutio or bacon pieces for 2 minutes or so add diced onion and diced mushroom and fry for further 5 minutes or so till softened.

Now add your frozen vegetables and cook for further 3 minutes

Add your coconut milk and your horse radish sauce, black pepper good dash of soya sauce and cook for further 3 or four minutes.

Now add your prawns. 

Taste at this point for seasoning and flavour add salt and pepper as necessary it’s a delicate sauce so don’t be too heavy handed... 

Now add your cornflour and water mix and your salami and cook for further 2 or so minutes do not thicken too much 

Drain your pasta if not done already and put into bowls

grate over parmesan cheese and then divide your sauce over pasta between bowls 

grate over a little more parmesan and serve... 

This recipe was created by Michelle Mills

Well that's it for the day

have a great week 

see ya next time and enjoy and have fun

hugs Michelle