Sunday, 14 June 2009

Just for show

Hi All

It's been a bit of an up and down week again... gee I wish I got more up then down..

We put our car in for service and it looks like the head is cracked so it's leaking water which we are going to have to now watch permanently.. We are looking at getting rid of the car permanently but we are not a hundred percent sure we can go without a car completely so we are going through a bit of a test at the moment to see if we can live without a car.

It's not easy because let's face is we all live in a society where cars are deemed necessary, although I hate driving in the UK I still have to consider certain aspects...

I'll keep you updated anyway.

Damien is doing ok in Australia by the sound of it he had som sort of driving lesson from my dad today bit of fun I guess... just hope they're careful

other than that I guess everything is quiet...

I thought I'd show off one of my latestest little creation... this guy and a couple of others will be available soon as freebies and as part of a new kit for those that want one... so let me know if you want him just leave a comment or a message and I'll get him up and out as soon as I can

have a good day

Hugs Michelle

So I'm about half way through the kit now but hopefully they should be available soon... but if any want the before a kit is put out as I said leave a message or comment and I'll get it up a bit soon
Hugs Michelle

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