Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New Recipe-

Hi All 
Hope your having a great week thus far.
I'm suffering a bit of depression at the moment. I miss my son terribly but also I just think I've had so much to deal with for so long that I'm not able to cope much any more. 
Paul was very sick again last night which also was a worry but he's in a foul mood right now. He downloaded a few weeks ago the stupid new windows 7 and with his being blind and using screen readers and it being a beta version it's not working properly for him. 
However I warned him not to download it... Like warning him a thousand times before not to fiddle with his computers in the hope of making them better but noooo!!!! does he listen to me... Don't be silly...I'm just the wife that has to spend hours reinstalling his dang computer fixing errors solving problems...Like I don't have enough to do already..
Sorry ranting a bit here... but I get so tired of it... He has had five computers in 2 years the first was an old Dell just couldn't keep up anymore so brought and Acer big mistake I've had acer before and hated it but I was convinced to try the new acers cause they are so much better...No they are not...they are to put it bluntly crap and no one ever can convince me otherwise; From the day we brought them they were nothing but problems... well that didn't last a year before he had a laptop... that laptop now no longer works or is used because he first tried to turn it back to xp and then he thought he might like to learn linux well that went pear shaped... that computer isn't even used anymore... then I brought him a hp laptop... the software he had to use clashed with it and so he couldn't use it so he went back to the acer for a while... then I brought him an webbook and well that worked for him however it wasn't enough so I had to go and buy a desktop and unfortunately stupidly he chose hewlard packard what a piece of rubbish but he also had to try and improve it and so we get to the fact that he has windows 7 on it and it doesn't work... now he has a mac and I swear I will cheerfully strangle him if he even once tries to improve it... and each one has been stuffed up in some way...the only one now I know he can't screw up too much is the new mac I just brought him...He's never had one before so I don't think that at this point he would be silly enough to screw around with it without me killing him....oh well at least not all the computers have gone to waste Damien my son ended up with the hp laptop and the webbook recently for his trip to australia and he's also gotten a couple of the older computers...  
So there you have it he's in a mood because the computer doesn't work well and he did it!!!!... and I'm the one that's got to try and appease and fix things... basically bear the brunt of it
Anyways rant over.... I 
So this is a recipe I threw together tonight with left over stuff that had to be used and some imagination... 
Hope you like 
hugs Michelle 


Ingredients                                                  150g Proscutio or Bacon Pieces                                         

                                          6-8 button mushrooms diced

                            1/2 red onion diced

                                            200g frozen cocktail or small prawns

      1/4 cup of coconut milk

                                                                1/2 cup frozen diced mixed vegetables

good dash soya sauce

                       1 tsp horseradish cream

                                                                                                    4 or so slices milano or italian salami chopped up                                      

                                             as much fresh ground pepper to taste 

        2 tsp cornflour 

        and little water

                                  Spaghetti or linguini or taglatelli

                               Parmesan cheese for topping

Put your water on the boil for the pasta and cook pasta to packet instructions

In the meantime using a deep frying pan dry fry your proscutio or bacon pieces for 2 minutes or so add diced onion and diced mushroom and fry for further 5 minutes or so till softened.

Now add your frozen vegetables and cook for further 3 minutes

Add your coconut milk and your horse radish sauce, black pepper good dash of soya sauce and cook for further 3 or four minutes.

Now add your prawns. 

Taste at this point for seasoning and flavour add salt and pepper as necessary it’s a delicate sauce so don’t be too heavy handed... 

Now add your cornflour and water mix and your salami and cook for further 2 or so minutes do not thicken too much 

Drain your pasta if not done already and put into bowls

grate over parmesan cheese and then divide your sauce over pasta between bowls 

grate over a little more parmesan and serve... 

This recipe was created by Michelle Mills

Well that's it for the day

have a great week 

see ya next time and enjoy and have fun

hugs Michelle

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mal said...

I knew u would miss him. just like we missed and still miss you when u first left to go live in the U K,