Friday, 26 June 2009

Just a loving Thanks

Hi all
today is just a loving thanks to my Husband Paul who put in a lot of hard work and effort so that we can produce some of our own foods.
What am I talking about? well let me tell you
Today my husband butchered some meat and minced it so we could start producing our own foods regularly.
so what you say? Well here's a little background my husband is type 1 diabetic nothing spectacular there I suppose lots of people unfortunately are. My husband has also had full kidney failure and a transplant since.
again so what??? well it's true that others have too. But when my husband lost his kidneys 12years ago he also lost his sight, completely, he is black blind, and although he was a chef before he went blind he has never done butchering.
So not only did he do the actual butchering of the full birds some chicken and turkey which particularly with the turkey took him the better part of an hour he also did the mincing for me manually believe me even with my help takes an age. Well worth the effort but hard work.
So I thank my wonderful loving husband for all his hard work and having stood on his feet for over two and half hours to do this.
I know it took a lot out of him because although I kept asking him to take a rest he ended up having a mild hypo. Recovered fully now but I know he's exhausted... However with what he did we ended up with good fresh mince and are now having turkey burgers for dinner and with the chicken that he butchered we'll be making fresh homemade sausages.
So with that I will leave it there and go make him a coffee and catch you all soon
take care till then and have fun
Hugs Michelle

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