Sunday, 11 January 2009

Template Tutorial and New Freebie Template

How to Create a Template


Hi All

Recently I was asked how to create templates and if I could write a tutorial on how to do it

So here it is...

Templates are basic Frames that are created so that they can be filled in with colours or scrap paper etc to give the effect you like and decorate them to create your own unique tags...

This tutorial was written by Michelle Mills on 11th January 2009. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. I claim all rights to this tutorial. Your results of this tutorial you are free to do with as you wish.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of Paint shop Pro.

The results of this tutorial were done in Paint shop Pro Ultimate x2.

Hugs Michelle

Ok so here we go this is the Template we’re going to make

First create a new 600x600 transparent image

Rename layer to background flood fill with white

In your material Palette make your foreground transparent by clicking the little circle with cross through it.

Change your Background Colour to a dark grey

Go to your Selection tool and Choose Octagon, mode is replace, feather 0, anti-alias checked

Now pull out a shape to fill most of the middle section and fill with the dark grey.

Select none and move your shape to the middle of paper, Rename Layer Large Octagon

See image below for placement

Select all Float and Defloat, then select>modify>Contract 15

Create new raster; Make sure new raster is selected

Select>Modify>select selection borders, outside checked, anti-alias checked, border width 4, click ok and then fill with a light grey, select none, Rename Layer Octagon Frame

Continue to rename your layers as you’re going along so you know where you are at

Choose a new shape, I Chose a Leaf pull out a shape to the size you like and then move it around to place where you like.

As this has pulled out on a vector layer

Convert to raster I now duplicated the raster layer and mirrored the new layer and then I free rotated by about 40 degrees and brought the leaves together

I have decided I like what I have so have duplicated both the leaf layers again

Flipped them and then mirrored them and then adjusted the position by moving until they sat where I liked them

I then used Selection tool again with Ellipse to create an oval and placed in the middle of my shape, convert to raster and select all>modify>contract 4 and then

Add new raster

Select all>Modify>select selection borders> Outside checked, anti-alias check border width 4 and filled on new raster layer with dark Grey

I then used another shape this time a ribbon and pulled that out

Converted to raster and free rotated by 40 degree and placed where I liked it.

Continue to use your light and dark grey or white if necessary

Use your shapes, Brushes or Selection Tools until you have a template you like and want to work with

When you have a template you like Save as a not merge your layers

And then try your new template for any problems...

You’re done

Hugs Michelle

Fo those that want this template eight you can get it from here

Please remember that you can share through groups only with a preview and link to my blog

Hugs Michelle

Here's a tag I created with the template
I used the beautiful artwork of Marcel Marlier
and the Very Pretty and fun scrapkit
In the country by

Thank you for looking
Hugs Michelle

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Elements Only post on Jan. 11, 2009. Please, notice that I've changed my url(and blinkie). Thanks again and Happy New Year.