Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Hi all
Well it's been a few days since I last posted so thought should say quick hello.
I haven't done much recently as I haven't been feeling the best. I made a few creations for some lessons I take and here are the results of those. Quite happy with these as I'm just learning some techniques so of course I ask you bear with me and hopefully I'll get better at it..
The first I'll show is Day at beach this has a couple parts as I tried some different techniques. I would love to show my animation but at this time I don't know how to display that on blogs.. Hopefully figure it out soon

Please note I always try to give credit where credit is due, however I do receive many tubes through groups and sometimes they don't have all the information and I may not know who the artist etc is..

If I have failed to give credit please let me know politely so I can credit correctly or if it is yours and you wish, to remove the item. I try to be copyright compliant at all times

I used a misted tube and then used chalk to colour background etc and user defined effects to ripple the sand and added noise to make it look more like sand.

I have a ways to go but it is definately a technique I love

with blind effect (sunset)

This I created using a beautiful kit by Cindy at Southern Scrapz called Harvest time.
This is a FTU kit can be found here
Thank you Cindy

The last one I will show is from an idea from a tutorial site. Unfortunately the tutorial site escapes me right now. The kit I used is a Ftu Kit from
called Love Affair addon freebie..
I got it quite some time ago so I don't know if it is still available.
However check out the site.. Lots of interesting things Some FTU and also PTU wont be disappointed I'm sure.
Anyway so here it is ...My bit of fun Or CUPID

thanks for looking have a great night
hugs All

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