Sunday, 9 November 2008

Results of Playing

Today thought just show some results from playing
Please note I always try to give credit where credit is due and I always try to be copyright complaint. However I recieve many tubes and graphics through groups and it can be very difficult sometimes to get full and accurate informaion. If I have failed to give credit please let me know so that I can give appropriate credit or if you wish and it's yours remove the item.

The first is Moonlight bathing I was sent a mask and a tube and asked to come up with something Tube sent is the artwork of Hellonlegs

Here are my results

the next was just sent a tube.. Didn't know what to do so did a basic slat mask and well here are the results Called't ask me why

I used the beautiful artwork of Minttu Hynninen

Another mask and tube challenge Haven't named this one with the beautiful work of psyco

here are the results

Final one today was a tube challenge sent the chest and this is what I came up with ... Have called it Protector The artwork used is from Gabriella diMuro

here are the results

Thanks to all these wonderful artists who allow the use of their art

Also not that at this time I'm not sure who created the masks I have used It is not deliberate on my part not to give credit to the wonderful people who create and allow the use of their masks. However I have literally 1000's in my collection and at times do not remember which I have used in the past or sometimes who has created it.. If you notice a mask I have used and it is yours and you wish credit again please contact me and let me know I am more than happy to give credit. As you will notice if I cannot give credit the first time I do always try to find the information and add it later.
Thank you Michelle

Well thanks for looking and I hope your enjoy

Hugs Michelle

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