Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New Freebies and a bit of a Rant

New Freebies

Hi all

Well I hope you're having a great week thus far

Not much happening this end at the moment.

Got to go for a walk today which was lovely walked along the

bank of the Avon river in Devon.
Then ended up in Exeter for lunch unfortunately wouldn't recommend the resturant
we went to... We had planned on going a resturant that sounded like had great food
but get all the way to Exeter from Plymouth only to find it closed... Was definately supposed
to be open so went to another place just walking distance from it
Waterfront Resturant...
Service was friendly if a little lax.. I mean couldn't remember that we had ordered a pint of Guiness
They don't use the actual resturant for lunch can only use the bar area
great if you want to sit on long couches with very low tables but I'm sorry I like
to sit at a meal.. I didn't even have a couch just one of those box stools with
a soft padding on top..but it makes it very difficult to eat particularly for my husband who
is blind when he can't find his food easily because the table is too low to where he is sitting
or outside seating
only good if it isn't raining.. and believe me I've been in UK 2 years I'm not sure

it doesn't ever stop raining particularly in Devon...
I have yet to see a summer in the UK
I've seen reviews where people had raved about the pizza and burger but if that's all they know
how to cook half decent it's a worry
Lets say they claimed it was home cooking... But if I served food up like that
my family would shoot me...
Lets start with the good... The starter we ordered was ok..
We had the combo to share between
three and that included garlic bread, crumbed squid, onion rings (very good),
chicken goujons, stuffed spud(filled with cheese and ham or bacon don't know no taste except mild cheddar cheese)
and some corn chips,  bbq dip, sour cream and sweet chili
Now this is supposed to be a family combo however most family combo would serve 4 this truthfully only serves 2
My husband for his main had cod fish cakes... These were not bad from what I gather...
However the rest of his meal was awful
First my husband is type 1 diabetic he has to have a certain amount of carbs with his meal
when we ordered we specifically asked for the potato salad, when they brought the meal out
no potato salad so they went to get some.. they must have made it on the spot... cause it was
smoothered in helman's mayonaise and bit of chive through it... ridiculous..
his coleslaw was no better
Now yes I love to cook and get lots of practice... but this is a resturant for crying out loud..
It's supposed to serve decent food for the money you pay.. and for what I paid, which was a lot
I expect a heck of a lot better than what we ended up with
Unfortunate to say.. They seemed to love Mayonaise and believed that coleslaw and potato salad
is made only with mayonaise and nothing but mayonaise...Helmans of course
OH and has anyone ever had tomatoes that look great
I mean just seem to be perfect in every way and yet manage to
have absolute no taste... I mean it..No taste..No flavour nothing it was just this reddish thing
sitting on a plate...and when you put it in your mouth and bit into it absolutely no taste
I've never experienced that in my entire life.
My meal looked like someone had chucked up on the plate to put it bluntly..
and I have never known a resturant any resturant ever
to serve tuna with great blinking bones and the skin on...there is no warning that this tuna has
bones there is no warning the skin is on.. so It looks burnt and digusting
and yet they still manage to over cook it
and the crushed pototo and capsicum and whatever else they just jumbled together,
over roasted and stuck under the tuna.. well that was just gross as I said looked as if
someone threw up in my plate
and the supposed fresh lime and coriander salsa
well I never even saw anything that resembled a salsa let alone taste of lime or corriander 
Damien my son was the only one to get something part way decent with his pizza but even that had
very little taste.... It was supposed to be a cowboy pizza with pepperoni and roast chicken and some
other meats... well for all the flavour was supposed to have.. spicy etc... there was very little...
and of course just had to put so much cheese on it... but did they use I don't know mozzarella or other
cheeses like it... No it was a mild cheddar and lots and lots of it...
needless to say...Not an experence I wish to repeat

Well that's my rant over I hate resturants that claim to serve home style but is rubbish...
You go out to a meal to enjoy good food and company
this was not good food...
Without being awful though we have found unfortunately
that find good places to eat in this area is not always easy to find.

so on to this blog
Today I have some more freebies for you
these are of course only for personal use
my TOU is included in the download
I created some butteflies last night was just playing with some
effects and well I hope you enjoy them
here is a preview
and you can download them from here if you'd like them
they are under elements kit 2
well that's about it today.. I hope that any who are dining out today or in
the near future have a better experience than we did.
Hugs Michelle


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Elements Only, Papers Only post on Feb. 18, 2009. Thanks again.

mungo said...

Thanks for the butterfly zips and also a big thank you for the tutorials, I have PSP but am a little "afraid" to use it, - your step by step instructions are so helpful