Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ladybug Element Freebie and New Tutorial

Some of my LadyBugs are available here if you'd like them

New Tutorial

Here is my try at
doing ladybugs

I saw them being done
and liked the idea of doing them but struggled to find a tut

So tried it on my

I have written a
tutorial after trying it a couple of times and working well for me

tutorial was written by Michelle Mills on 17 February 2009.

Any resemblance to
any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

I claim all rights to this
tutorial. Do not use this tutorial

Or the
results of doing this tutorial for personal or commercial gains.

tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of Paint shop Pro.

results of this tutorial were done in Paint shop Pro Ultimate x2.





 Lokas>gel and eye candy > glass


Create 2 new
500x500 transparent images minimize one

Find a colour you’d like
to use to make your ladybug...Can be any colour you like

For this tutorial I’m
going to make an Orange ladybug #f6b648

Using your preset
tools> Ellipse> circle

Make a circle as big
as you’d like

Now using your lasso
tool point to point draw a line just over half way through the circle and
around till you end up with something like this


Now cut and paste to
the second transparent image

You can delete your
first image if you like won’t need it again stay with your second image

Now flip your new

Use your plugin
lokas>gel with the following settings

Bevel 36, bevel depth

Colour is the colour
you are using

Shadow is a darker
colour than using in my case #d78d19

Highlight opacity 50,
shadow opacity 70

Now use plugin Eye
candy>Impact>glass with the following settings


On basic screen
32.75, 25.83, 0, 5, 10, 40, 72, 0, 10.7, 20

On your lighting
setting use 72, 49, 75, 75

Now with your lasso
tool again cut out from about three quarters of the way

See image below on an
earlier try


Free rotate your wing
now 90 degree to the left

Select all>float>defloat

selection borders

Border width 1, both
sides, anti-alias checked

Add new raster flood
fill with black and then add eye candy glass settings again

Select none and merge

Use your airbrush
tool with the following settings to add your spots

Round, size 15,
hardness 30, step 1, density 40, thickness 100, rotation 0, opacity 20, rate 5

Place your spots how
you like

Duplicate layer and

Bring both layers
together until they just join

Using your preset
tools ellipse and ellipse make an oval to fit as the body


Use eye candy glass
with the following settings


44.32, 30, 0, 40, 56,
29, 75, 0, 27.42, 0

Lighting is 348, 3

Move your body layer
to the bottom under the wings

Using ellipse tool
create a small head

Convert to raster and
use the following same settings for eye candy glass on basic screen but change
the lighting to the following

85, 35

Make sure this layer
is above the body but below the wings

Add a new raster just
above the head layer and using air brush again but changing the size to 5

Make an antenna you
will need to draw over couple of times...

Now duplicate the
layer and merge down do this till it as dark and think as you’d like

Use eye candy once
more with the previous setting

Duplicate image and
mirror and adjust antennae till sitting where you’d like

Merge visible and
then save as png and ready to use

Thanks for trying
this tutorial

Hugs Michelle


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