Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Recipe

New Recipe


Hi All

Hope is all well out there for you

today I thought I'd just post a new recipe

this is one of my quick call on recipes when money is tight or

it's lunch time and I haven't really got a lot around that isn't frozen

cause I've forgotten to take it out of the freezer...lol

bad for that at times tell ya...specially since moving to England

in Australia pretty much took it out that morning be defrosted by

lunch hre in middle of winter with a flat with no heating and

it's actually colder inside the flat than outside you tend to need to

take things out of the freezer the night before or earlier if you can


Any way it's a great standby recipe... Nice and healthy

very little fat...

Hope you enjoy

Hugs Michelle


For the Tag I've created I've used a great scrapkit I've used previously
To get larger recipe card or download get recipe from here

Well that's it for me today Hope you enjoy the recipe
Hugs Michelle

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