Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Hi All
Just a quick update while I'm still able to sit upright.
Paul and I are still both extremely unwell and the hope that we hadn't passed it on
to Damien my son seems to have just died a death...

Paul has just gone to the Doctors with his mum a few minutes ago as I am incapable of
driving at this point due to how sick I am.
Paul's tummy is playing up really badly he hasn't left the toilet in days and is in extreme pain so as he's put it cause he's not in very good mood, he's been frog marched to the doctor..

His greatest fear as always is he will end up in hospital. But truthfully as ill as he is there is no reason for him to be in hospital. He's able to eat and drink and keep it down.. He can keep his sugars controlled if not low so It's just a matter of getting help with his tummy.

I haven't slept in days and I still can't swallow or eat any thing much due to the severeity of the
sore throat and now because of the horrible coffing I am being sick all the time with it as well.
However as it's viral and although I am seeming to be swallowing more than the recommened pain killers doctors wont do anything to help me so I have to continue putting up with the excrutiating pain and vomiting that seem to be going with this viral infection.

Damien has been at Paul's parents for a few days btu now I find he is sick too.. we had hoped that by sending him to mum and dad's for a few days would prevent him from getting this infection no such luck.

Now it's just a matter of whether he is better of staying at mum and dad's or coming home... fortuntately or unfortunately mum and dad and their household have had this virus which is actually how Paul and I got it... so it's not likely that they'll get it again.

What a mess.. and then I get more stress from doing the visa to stay in the UK which I have to have done by end of March and Comcare Australia are causing me more distress...
and I am now seriously looking at suing individuals not just the government in general..
We need a break.. we need this rollercoaster to stop...
Two years since we got married and the only wonderful day that everything seemed to come together is actually our wedding day...
It's too much and it's no wonder that none of us are staying well..
all we want is to have some happiness, to have some calmness and to have some peace.. instead we get sickness, stress, frustration, a flat that no person should have to live in...
The amount of stress we are under is beyond what any normal person should have to cope with..
I've had over 15 years of stresses and truthfully I've had enough...

thanks for reading my rant...
hopefully will have freebie soon
hugs all

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